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[About Powerhouse]

Our Awesome Story

Powerhouse has come a long way, from making its name in the entertainment industry to growing into a full-fledged event production company with thousands of corporate and private events enriching our diverse portfolio.

Founded by Mario Mascarenhas in 1996, Powerhouse kicked off in 2002 after garnering industry’s insights and acclamation from clients across the board. To this day, Powerhouse always invests in top-quality lighting and audio equipment because your first impression is largely made up of what your guests see and listen.

What We Do

At Powerhouse, we conceptualise and execute your event the way you want. From lighting to audio and décor to furniture, we make sure everything is arranged as per your specifications and budget preference.

Behind every successful event, there’s a team that works hard to source the right supplies, put on the perfect embellishments and stays on their toes during the execution phase – all this to make sure you feel happy and satisfied as your event culminates in a flawless manner.

We create the perfect environment to launch your new brand!

As they say, “you never get a second chance to make the first impression’, we are extra careful when it comes to introducing your brand to the world. After understanding your brand’s fundamentals and going over every nitty-gritty detail, we make sure our arrangement aligns perfectly with your branding communication.


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